Drobo S Firmware 2.0.3

I have firmware version 2.0.3 on my Drobo S, but it says in the documentation on Drobo.com that the latest version is 2.0.1.

Does anyone have any release notes for this firmware version. My “old” Drobo S had 2.0.1

the release notes aren’t on their website yet

It’s interestesting that a few days later, there is still no mention of this firmware, and noones Drobo S’s ahve been updating.

Maybe this was an engineering firmware, that accidentally left the factory?

2.0.3 is not an auto updated firmware yet.

I’m just special! My mom was right! I should let her know. :wink:

I’m waiting with geat anticipation to find out what benefits this new firmware will bring.

I’m hoping that it will address USB 2.0 performance.

Right now my transfer rates over eSATA are ~69MB/s and my transfer rates over USB 2.0 HiSpeed mode are only ~24MB/s.

USB2.0 is capable of 480Mbit/s in HiSpeed mode which equals 60MB/s, so there is obviously some other limitation that hits in when the Drobo is used in USB mode. This is pretty typical for USB hard drives, but that is a very large performance hit to be chucked up to protocol overhead…

Since I’ve had trouble getting my server to use eSATA in linux, I’m hoping this will be improved with future firmware updates :slight_smile:

USB 2 loses at least 10-15% of that theoretical maximum to protocol overhead

So 51 -54 MB/s should remain :stuck_out_tongue:

thats protocol overhead,

plus dont forget that 480Mbits/s for your USB controller as a WHOLE - NOT per port - anything else on your usb bus (even on different ports) will slow it down.

some south bridges do have two USB controllers to overcome this limit a little - but who knows which ports are on which controllers???

im sure windows file copies have their own overhead too

Surely 60% is a little steep for protocol overhead?

[quote=“Docchris, post:9, topic:1767”]
plus dont forget that 480Mbits/s for your USB controller as a WHOLE - NOT per port - anything else on your usb bus (even on different ports) will slow it down.[/quote]

My box is a linux server in my closet with no keyboard, mouse or monitor. There is nothing apart from the Drobo connected via USB, so it should technically have all the bandwidth except what is lost to overhead available to it… Unless there is some sort of pesky QoS management that prevents any one device from taking more than 40% of the USB bandwidth or something like that.

If this is the case, I wonder if it can be shut off for single device applications like mine…

I’m sure they do too, but that wouldn’t hit the USB.

Drobo -> USB2.0 -> Linux Server -> Gigabit Ethernet (SAMBA) -> End users.

So any SAMBA overhead would hit the Gig E bandwidth, not the USB…

How the buses are hooked up affects performance too.

For example, on some boards, the GigE is hooked up to the PCI bus, which limits its available effective bandwidth.

If your particular board has multiple USB ports, you might want to try connecting to one on another port stack.

HAve there been any updates on this?

I’m ithcing to find out what - if any - improvements the 2.0.3 firmware may have brought.