Drobo S Firewire + Boot Camp = permanent standby

I figured I’d post this in case it helps anyone else. This is a Drobo S operational issue I had and resolved.

Original problem description

Drobo S won’t remount after Boot Camp (Firewire)

I have a Drobo S Gen 2, Firmware 2.1.2, Dashboard 2.0.5, connected via FireWire 800 to a rear port on my Mac Pro (10.6.8).

When rebooting Mac OS normally, there is no problem. The Drobo appears just fine on the desktop upon reboot.

However, if I boot into Windows 7 Pro x64 via Boot Camp, the Drobo goes into a permanent standby state. Drive and capacity lights turn off. Only the amber standby light is on. Upon reboot into Mac OS X, the Drobo does not mount and is only shown as a generic Firewire device on the Firewire bus. The only way to get it to come back is to unplug and replug the Firewire cable.

This doesn’t happen if the Drobo is connected via USB. It works properly when connected via USB.


The solution I found was to install the ubCore Firewire 800 drivers on the Windows side.


Once the ubCore drivers were installed, the Drobo would no longer go into permanent standby when booted into Windows. The drive and capacity lights would stay lit while in Windows. And when rebooting into Mac OS X, the Drobo would mount properly automatically upon startup.

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