Drobo S expanding hard drives

I was told by a Drobo employee that I could use a 4T hard drive on my Drobo S. I was using five 2T hard drives. But when I replaced my hard drive with the new 4T it won’t read it and now it says I don’t have enough space. But on Drobo dashboard it says a 4T hard drive is available. So I’m confused. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

You would need to replace at least 2 drives to see and effective increase in your available space.
As the largest drive is always used as the redundancy drive.

If after replacing 2 drives and you had not notice any increase in your available space, try updating the firmware if not already, and see whether it helps?
Do the update without the drives, then shutdown and insert the drives and boot up the unit.

http://drobo.com/support/updates/firmware/DroboS-firmware-2.1.5.zip (version 2.1.5)

  • Drobo Dashboard > Tools > Manual Update