Drobo S / esata / Windows 7 / Reboot loop

Well, we can chalk up another victim to the DroboS reboot loop.

Opened a support ticket…here’s counting on DRI’s techsupport.


Sucks dude :frowning:
I had great support from Drobo head office and my local(ish) vendor. The AU distributor was dragging their heels though. Good luck!

it’s early days, but DRI have readily acknowledged the problem through the support ticketing system.
Most likely the device will be exchanged.

Nail-biting-time for the data on the disks untill a replacement arrives.

The drobo is back home after a repair (not a replacement).
Now it boots fine when empty, but with a drivepack inserted it doesn’t get detected by the dashboard. Not on USB nor on eSata