Drobo S - Drive Fail, then new drive fail after rebuild

I have a Drobo S running with Dual Disk redundancy. The other day, One of my drives was showing a failure (first one ever) with a blinking red light. I ordered a new larger drive (up to 3TB from 2TB) and swapped them out.

The rebuild process began, and took 16 or so hours to rebuild the data. The Drobo was never restarted, but the PC did once during the process.

The first time I got around to checking on it, the dashboard is telling me the same slot is bad (blinking red) on the new HDD (WD RED NAS Drive) I pulled it out and put it back in, but it’s too smart for that - same thing. All other lights are solid green

I know it’s technically possible that the new drive is bad, but those odds are beyond slim. Any advice on what to do next?

hi, one thing you could try is a surface scan using the wd tools (i believe data lifeguard), (but using the drive in a stand-alone caddy) to run the quick test, and then the full test which might take a day or 2 depending on the speed of your setup.

this is not the best test to do, though its free and will be pretty good to see if any obvious defects are found. (if they are found then it can also help with the returns process in case you got a bad drive)

btw can i check what make and model was the drive that failed?

The initial drive that "failed was a Seagate 2TB Refurb, Unfortunately, it would up going to e-waste before I found out it might not be bad. I’ve never had a drive fail in this array, so I wasn’t even remotely surprised that the only refurb drive I had might have tanked…

The new one is the WD RED NAS drive - I had Amazon ship me another one anyway after reading the thread below this one with the same type of issue - maybe the new drive really is bad?

One question: can I reboot the Drobo safely while it has four green lights and the one blinking red one to see if that clears anything up?

thanks for the info about the drive,
logically, if you have already tried removing and putting that new flashing drive back in, and if your data is still accessing fine with just the remaining green lights, then id imagine the drobo being able to reboot…

but with a new drive being shipped to you (and amazon is pretty quick anyway), you might as well just wait for the new one to come, and then try swapping it with the new one, especially if you only have single drive reduncancy.

New HDD will be here tomorrow - nice :slight_smile:

I am running dual redundancy so I feel OK so far… just worried about migrating with a partially failed drive set if it turns out the unit is toast.

ok please let us know how things go,

(if you are able and if you do not have any other backup, you could try copying the data you have first somewhere, before trying the new drive if you can or wish, to help minimise any risk. in my sig i mention that i have a backup of 1 drobo on to another, though drobos are pretty resilient, as ive had several power cuts and it recovered ok (even one time when i unplugged the wrong drobo by mistake) :slight_smile: also i was able to carry out a successful disk pack migration from one drobo-s-gen-2 to another when the hardware power toggle switch broke on the first one.

Well, after 24 hours of rebuilding (again) Drobo reports all healthy!

Maybe I really did have a bad HDD out of the box?

Let’s see if it lasts…

hi thats cool news - am glad its all working again for you.

sometimes drives do arrive with problems - (i think another user had a batch of several drives where a lot of them were faulty except some.)

now that you have (in some way unfortunately) experienced your first drive failure in this array (and even though the outcome was good & that you had dual drive redundancy), it’s always a good thing to think about backups a bit more - as i dont think anyone can ever have enough backups in general :slight_smile: