DROBO S dont start up

I have a Drobo S 1st Gen. MacBook Pro Retina 10.10.5.
Connect with an adapter to thunderbolt.
During the work the Drobo crashes/shuts down by it self, and began to restart and restart and restart again. And it won´t start again.
I try it at my old MacBookPro and it is the same sh**!

What happend? Is it possible that the power suppley crashed?

Please Help!!!

hi, you may be able to check if it is a drives problem or unit problem with the following test:

  • to power all down (including computer)

  • to remove all cables from drobo

  • to remove all your drives from drobo (remembering the order of your diskpack)

  • to power up the empty drobo
    (it should boot up and then go into standby mode)

  • to then power-up the computer

  • and once up, to connect the drobo to the computer (as you usuaully do, but also a separate test with direct usb if possible too)
    (does the drobo wake up shortly after, and then does dashboard recognise the drobo?)

all diskpack drives should only be removed when power is all OFF
all disk pack drives should only be put back in when power is all OFF