Drobo S does not turn on when I put on the power supply, just the fun.

Hello guys.

My Drobo S does not on turn when I put on the power supply.

When I turn on the power supply it only engages the fan and nothing else happens, or does not turn on a light.

I’m desperate because I can not connect and access my hard drives. I researched and didn’t found support in Brazil.

Any help?

Thank you!

Try connecting the unit directly to a power source, if not already. This is because if it is connected to a multi-strip/adapter with several other electrical devices too, it may not have sufficient power to power the unit.
Check the light on the power brick, it should be solid green, not dimmed or flickering.

If the lights are dimmed/flickering, you may have a faulty brick. You could purchase a power brick that belongs to a Drobo 5D, it will be compatible and can be used on the Drobo S.