Drobo-S => Data Protection During Relayout ?

I could not find anywhere the answer to this question, although I direly would like the answer to be : YES !
If the “Dual Disk Redundancy” option is activated on a Drobo-S with 5 disks, does that mean that during the relayout and/or replacement of a single disk, the dire “Drobo cannot currently protect your data against hard drive failure.” warning is not pertinent anymore, for the long (2-3 days :frowning: duration of the relayout ?

Solving this vulnerability issue during relayout would be for me the main/only reason to upgrade to Drobo-S.

The message is still there just to emphasize not to remove drives during the relayout process. But if you are set for dual disk redundancy and a 2nd drive fails you are protected.

Great, exactly what I hoped :slight_smile:
Thanks Jennifer !

PS: you should add that in your FAQ, since it is a big plus for Drobo-S (and Pro and Elite).