Drobo S Dashboard text is invisible - on OSX

Hi there,
I recently snagged an old work Drobo S and have cleaned it up and have it setup for home media storage. It is connected to my iMac (OSX 10.9.5 Mavericks). I have updated the firmware and the version of Dashboard is: 2.5.4 (latest version available).

Unfortunately the interface only partially show the text info. So some of the panel box’s are blank and not visible. You can click and highlight the info inside the box’s, but they are invisible.

Is this a problem that anyone has had with the S model in Mavericks? Any fixes? Thanks

Sounds familiar. (Also a Drobo S here, but it probably doesn’t matter which Drobo.) From a reply I sent to support 11/17/2011 (at that time on 10.7.2):

I had this same problem on my IMAC and, after reading your reply, all I had to do was shutdown Drobo Dashboard, go into FontBook, and have it automatically remove all duplicate fonts.
I then restarted Dashboard and was very happy to be able to ‘see’ again.