Drobo S Dashboard Not Working After Update

I have a Drobo S. Yesterday I updated to dashboard version 2.6.4, and version 10.10.2 of Yosemite. The drive mounts, but the Dashboard no longer works. I uninstalled and reinstalled the Drobo Dashboard. I am allowing incoming connections from DDService64d, and also updated Java to the latest version. The Drobo firmware was the latest. Don’t know what else to do. Called customer support and basically they said your device is end of life and figure it out on your own. Any suggestions?

Same thing, but mine is still in warranty. New version doesn’t work with our drobos. Uninstall and reinstall the previous version. Presumably never update again.

Thanks for the reply. I just bought a CaldigitT4 unit. Lost my trust in Drobo as a company.

Can we still download the old. Erosion of Dashboard? What’s the last version that does work???
I have the same issue with my Drobo S, MacPro OS 10.9.5[hr]
Can we still download the old. Version of Dashboard? What’s the last version that does work???
I have the same issue with my Drobo S, MacPro OS 10.9.5

I had an issue where after I upgraded to Yosemite, the Dashboard would NOT recognize a DROBO S, it would recognize the two 5D’s!!

The DROBO S would NOT mount as a DROBO on the Desktop, but as a DRIVE, I would have to eject it, and plug it in again so it would be recognized as a DROBO, mount it properly and Dashboard would recognize it.

I opted to buy a third 5D and put this DROBO S on my older IMAC running Snow Leopard!!

Here’s the strange thing. My Drobo S mounts fine. But the Dashboard didn’t exactly work on either my older MacPro tower nor on the new MacPro (2013 model just purchased in Jan)
The only screens I can read are the volumes and capacity showing the pie chart of Use/Free space, or the list of what drives I have .
All other screens the text doesn’t show. Button icons do, just not the text.

But when I plug the Drobo into my laptop (2011 MacBook Pro 17") with OS 10.7.5 and an older version of Dashboard it works fine.
Also on a friends MacBook Pro , with Yosemite -who had never had a Drobo, therefore a clean new install of Dashboard 2.6.4, it also works fine there!
So, my question is- how do I Completely trash ALL components of the existing Dashboard on the new MacPro. Just running the Uninstall on the Dasjboard installer maybe isn’t completely getting rid of something that may conflict?
What are all the components I should search for to erase so I can get a clean install?
If it works on 2 different laptops that have only had a single install of Dashboard, there’s no reason it shod not work on my MacPro.