Drobo S - Can it be a Bootable Drive for Win XP ?

Has anyone tried this and can anyone answer below for me ?

I just recently finished setting up my first Drobo unit (the Drobo S).

Now, my Backup and Recovery Software (Lenovo Rescue and Recovery) prompts me when its about to begin the backup to the Drobo S with the question, “Do you want to make your usb drive (the drobo s), a Bootable USB Drive ?”

… To be on the safe side, I have responded “No”.


  1. Does the “Drobo S” unit support being a Bootable Drive under Windows (Win XP, in my case) ???

  2. Will there be any type of Drobo issue, if I allow my Backup and Recovery software to make the Drobo S “Bootable” under Windows, by writing Bootable configuration data to the Drobo S Drive ?

AFAIK it should be able to be bootable - the only issue you may run into is whether your BIOS can boot from a GPT rather than MBR formatted disk (assuming your Drobo is partitions > 2TB


Hi Jennifer,

I read your above tech support knowledge base answer,
Since, Data Robotics does not offically support making a Bootable Drobo, I will instead rely on using my Backup and Recovery Software’s option of creating a Bootable Rescue CD/DVD in case of an emergency should my main drive not be bootable. In this scenario, I will then just boot from my backup software’s rescue cd/dvd and then access my backed up image from the drobo drive.

…Also, I am going to switch to a different Backup Image and Recovery/Restore Image Software which does not prompt me with a question of whether I want to make my usb drive bootable or not.


  1. Does Data Robotics have recommenadtions of Backup software that they have tested with the Drobo ?

… I was thinking of switching to Paragon Drive Backup Professional 10.
2) Has this software been tested for backing up to a Drobo ?

If you click on the link for best practices in my signature, the best practices page lists back-up software.

Thanks !

Thanks for info ! Your post made me learn about something that was new to me (GPT), after googling it, since I was only familiar with mbr !

you are very welcome :slight_smile: it can be quite a steep learning curve when you dont even realise what it is that you dont know! its very difficult to be aware of the latest “thing” if you dont know it exists :slight_smile:

basically - its why you cant format a drobo to 2TB+ and have it visible in win XP :slight_smile: