Drobo S broken, can i migrate the drives?


My Drobo S1 just broke. I want to migrate my 5 drives to a new drobo without loosing any data. It says on the support pages that i should update to the newest firmware before migrating, which i obviously cannot do. I am afraid that the last update i made was back in 2010.
So my question: Can i safely migrate to a new Drobo 5D even though my Drobo S1 was running on a firmware from 2010 or should i rather try and find a used Drobo S.

Thanks for your advice.

it should be fine, the 5D should just import it anyway

on the off-chance that you are trying to do an un-supported migration, in my experience it doesnt harm your disk pack, all the lights go red and dashboard tells you it cant use this disk pack


can I migrate the Drobo S disk pack to Drobo N - without loss of data…?

Thanks for help


Only to the 5D

you cant change from DAS to NAS

OK, I just did that!!

I picked up a BRAND NEW 5D, Plugged it into my IMAC, EMPTY!!

Turned it on, and it asked me to upgrade the Firmware, I did and turned it off

Transferred my Disk Pack in the same Order to the new 5D (while it was off and Disconnected)

Plugged it in and Turned it on, that was it!!

I think what they mean is that the NEW unit MUST have the newest Firmware, NOT the old one!!

What are you going to replace your DROBO S with??