Drobo S and Wndows 10

I’m trying to trace the source of several blue screens I’ve gotten today. Two of which I know for a fact happened while watching videos of my Drobo S (gen 1) and one when I was watching a youtube video.

So the main suspects right now are the Drobo and the graphics card. So in order to rule out the Drobo, or determine that it causes the problems I thought I should ask, are there any known issues with older Drobo and Windows 10? And Device Manager says that the drivers for Drobo 3, is that correct? Because the Amazon history says I’ve ordered a Drobo S all those years ago and Dashboard says it’s a Drobo S.


hi, as your 1st post in the past was about a windows 7 computer, can i check how long you have had the windows 10 computer and drobo-s for?

a good test would be to try doing what you normally do (but without the drobo s being used) and to see if the problems happen again. (for example instead of watching youtube in a browser, and your video file streamed off the drobo, what happens if you watch youtube, but copy and paste the video from drobo and play that from the computer too?)

it might be something to do with graphics card/drivers (or audio drivers), especially if the 2 video sources (youtube and drobo data) are played at the same time, or while 1 is open and paused, or very shortly apart.

another thing you could try, could be safely shutdown the drobo from dashboard,
and to reboot the computer, and then power up the drobo
and to make sure any other programs are closed,
and then to try a windows chkdisk of the drobo volume(s) you have (but only 1 volume at a time) just in case there are any volume filesystem errors too.