Drobo S and Win XP - "Allow Indexing Service" ?



Is it okay to have the Win XP - option of “Allow Indexing Service to index this disk for fast file searching”, Checked “ON” for a “Drobo S” drive unit ???


Indexing Service does not speed up searches noticably. I would be happy if you could provide any measurements that prove me wrong. I think the service can prevent the drives in the Dobo from spinning down, and consequently shorten the life of the drives.

Indexing Service is working while the Drobo is “idle” and does not limit write speeds in my measurements:

However, I think the Indexing Service can prolong relayout because the service thinks the Drobo is idle and insist on indexing while the Drobo should be left alone. My advice is to have it turned off.

I agree with STB - Indexing Service is of limited benefit, especially on a large volume like Drobo.

STB, bhiga,

So, just to confirm:
… Is it as simple as, just UN-Checking the Option of Indexing Service, on the Drobo Drive, to Turn Off the Indexing Service on the Drobo Drive, via the following Steps ???

------> My Computer, Right Click on Drobo Drive Icon, Click Properties.
------> Then on “General” Tab, UN-Check “Allow Indexing Service to index this disk for fast file searching”.

Yes, that is correct.

There are other software that claim to do searching and indexing in the way you probably want. I have not tested any myself, so I do not dare to give any advice.