Drobo S and USB disk router access


I’ve got a Linksys WRT610N router and its supposed to be able to share USB external HDD.

I’ve connected my Drobo S to the WRT610N via USB. So far the WRT610N can only detect 1 volume. The Drobo S is NTFS formatted with 4 volumes of 2TB each.

Anyone able to get this to work?


Upgrade the Linksys firmware to something that properly supports USB mass storage class devices, it seems their current implementations lacks full and proper support, much like Windows XP and prior; it will only support up to 2TB of addressable space.

If they’re formatted “XP-compatible” 2TB partitions, then likely the problem is that the router doesn’t properly support multiple volumes, and is only mounting the first volume presented to it.

Abstract from WRT610N User Manual p20 :
Format Disk
Select the disk you want to format, then click Format Disk to format the disk and create a new partition. If your hard drive is formatted with multiple partitions, it will delete them and create a single partition. Enter the name of the partition you want to format. Select Format to start the formatting or Cancel to cancel it before it begins.”

Seems to imply it supports only a single partition.
Too bad, the comparison with Apple Extreme Base Station would have been interesting.

and if it only supports a single partition then it’s highly likely that it only supports a single volume as well.