Drobo S and Raspeberry Pi 3 b+


Hello everyone
I am the happy owner of a drobo S for 5 years, it works wonderfully with my main pc under W10 (1 volume of 12TO).
I am using it mainly to stream via PLEX our videotheque in the house.
Nevertheless I am limited by the fact that it is connected in USB on the main pc.
Therefore I would like to use one with a raspeberry under raspian to connect it to my router and so it is more easily acessible in the family network by sharing network.
I therefore ask myself a few questions:

  • Is it possible to connect to raspeberry without having to format everything (it is impossible otherwise I lose all my data)
  • Does the dashboard exist under linux?
  • Has any of you ever tried with a raspeberry?

if you have any advice I am interested and thank you in advance for your help