Drobo S and Chkdsk Usage ?



1. Is it safe to run Win XP’s - “Chkdsk” on a “Drobo S” ?

2. Should running “Chkdsk” in the future, report any errors, is it safe to run "Chkdsk /F" (with the fix swtich) on a “Drobo S” ?

Yes chkdsk is fine. In fact we recommend it as regular maintenance to your data/drives.

I always have customer use chkdsk /x it finds and fixes all at the same time.

Is there a Mac way of doing this?

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Repair disk from disk utility. But honestly it’s not a very robust product. Most mac users use Disk Warrior, a 3rd party application.

Thanks for the quick reply Jennifer. I do in fact have Disk Warrior and I recently ran into a problem with it and my 1st Gen Drobo. I received an error 2154 which apparently is regarding ram. I called tech support at Disk Warrior and they said the even though I have 15GB of RAM, the 3.73GB directory depth (or something like that) was the culprit while using the Drobo for Time Machine. Basically, the tech said that I need to partition my Drobo into smaller volumes. So bloody confused…

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Yes that is one of the things that Disk Warrior does recommend. Computer with more RAM and booting your computer from the Disk Warrior CD.

Oh, you see, I have 15GB of RAM installed currently. The Allsoft tech said that under snow leopard, Disk Warrior is only allowed access to 4GB’s of RAM. So, the fact that my directory from Time Machine is 3.27GB, there is virtually nothing left for the remaining operations that Diskwarrior must do.

Does that make sense to you or is the Allsoft tech mistaken?

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I’ll tell you right away that I am not a MacOS expert, but MacOS is based on UNIX and I am an expert in that :slight_smile:

If it is a 32bit application then the maximum amount of memory the process can “see” is 4Gb. Even if your OS is 64bit, a 32bit compiled application still has this limitation.

Yup, this is what I’ve found after researching further. I guess Allsoft is “likely” to make an update but when, who knows.

Thanks for your attention to my issue bro!

What about formatting a volume if there is any corruption at the folder level? Is it safe? Will it impact other volumes?


hi if you format a volume, im prety sure that youll lose the data within it