Drobo S all lights red and "Too many drives have been renoved...

The last time I Connected my Drobo S to my MacBook Pro, all light went RED. The Second disk ( 2TB SATA) flashed as sign of failure.

I switched it off, removed Disk 2 and inserted a new same size 2TB disk.

Turned it on again, connected with Drobo and all light are still at red with the message "too many drives had been removed”

Already performed a Slot Flush and individually, all drives show up as red except the new 2TB wich shows up as green.

This Drobo S is 6 years hold but has’t worked more than 300 hours.

Firmware is the latest

Can I have you help on recovering my data? It is very very important for me.

Thanks in advance…

hi luis, can you remember if the 2nd disk was flashing red (on and off) while the others were all a solid red?

also, the safest thing would be to contact support if you can (though i believe you can also raise a pay-per-incident if you would wish too) as there may be some specific steps that may need to be carried out in order to assist recovery, such as fully blockcloning the drives before trying anything further.

if that is not possible, then another thing you could try could be to try putting your drobo into a ReadOnly mode, for example as mentioned here, which may help to stabalise things a bit to be able to access some data:

Precisely. Yes exactly what you describe…

thanks luis for the confirmation,
how did things go so far, were you able to contact support, or to try the read only mode?

I’m going to try read only mode first tomorrow, before contacting support. I’ll share the results as soon as I have them…

ok luis thanks for the update - i keep my fingers crossed for you for luck

gone again… :frowning:

hi luis i just your other post here about the plastic ring :slight_smile:
i wasnt sure from the webserver timestamp but did this start to work and then now broke? :frowning: