Drobo regularly dissappears from the dashboard

I have found a few posts addressing this issue, but no solution to my problem is provided. The situation is as follows:

A Droboshare is connected to a GBit Switch and a Drobo Gen2. Three servers (two windows one linux) regularly connect to the Drobo to backup data.

Every night, data ist backuped to the Drobo. On the next day, the Drobo is no longer detected by the dashboard. This happens both to a dashboard running 24 / 7 on a server and a Dashboard started with my PC. In order to reconnect the dashboard to the Droboshare I have to shut down the Drobo by pulling the plug. The backup itself is working, the Drobo can still be found via the networking share.

Pulling the plug from the Drobo every morning is not an option, what can I do to make the Dashboard find the Drobo , which is properly working in all other regards ?

Thanks very much in advance


Drobo Dashboard: V 1.6.7
Drobo-Firmware: V 1.3.5
DroboShare-Firmware: v 1.1.2

Edit: I probably should have posted in the dashboard section, sorry about that.
A few more specs: Dashboard is installed on a Win XP SP 3 32 bit and a Win 7 Ultimate 64 Bit OS. I replaced the RJ45 cable connecting the DroboShare to the switch. The issue still occurs.

Does rebooting the DroboShare by itself, and not the Drobo, fix the problem, or are you required to reboot the Drobo itself?

When was the last time you ran chkdsk on your volumes?

@bhiga: Rebooting only the DroboShare fixes the problem.

@Jennifer: I never ran chkdsk the Drobo and the HDDs are quite new. How do I run chkdsk via the DroboShare ? Is there a tool that lets me do this over the network or do I have to connect the Drobo to my PC ?

You’ll have to connect the Drobo to a PC or Mac temporarily to run the disk check.

When I connect the Drobo directly to a PC the ext3 partitions created by the DroboShare are not recognized. Is there a way that a PC can recognize these ext3 partitions ? Or is there a linux equivalent for the scandisk which delivers the data needed ?

You will need to use fsck on Linux to check an ext volume.