Drobo red lights won't mount remove disks mounts then loses mount

Hi out of the blue my DROBO stopped mounting and all lights are solid red .Dashboard will not recognize it. All firmware is updated .
It appears to try to boot up with all blue lights coming on and then off with green lite in middle , When I power down remove the 4 hard drives reattach to iMac and turn on (empty) dashboard finally recognizes it yet when I reinsert each disk Dashboard still recognizes it until I had the last drive inserted and once again it loses mount and recognition and goes back into eternal on and off status with red lights all solid … Pleas someone HELP

In addition if I only leave three disks in it remains mounted , dashboard recognizes it but asks for fourth disc to be inserted and Disk utility recognizes it but I cannot verify or repair it . Once I palace the last disk in once again it stops mounting…

When I only leave three drives in The dashboard remains in touch with Drobo Drobo remains mounted but dashboard says “Too many hard drives have been removed Please reinsert the removed hard drives” Yet I though redundancy was the whole point and it should be able to work with three ???

hi, can i please check if you had the power on, when you were insertting disks back in?

usually the disks in your drobo become the drobo’s “disk pack” and then should only be removed when the power is Off.
(eg sometimes the drives can come a bit loose, so with power off you could eject them and then put them back in to make sure the little spring clips fit snugly in place - and only then to put the power back on)

if you can try the following what happens? :

  • to power all down
  • to unplug the computer connection cable from the drobo and mac
  • to have all the original drives firmly inside the drobo (as they were when it was last working)
  • to then power up the drobo on its own
    what does the drobo do?
  • to then power up the mac
  • to quit dashboard / dashboard services (if running on mac)
  • to then connect the connection cable to mac and drobo
    (what does the drobo do for 5-10mins)

can the mac also find it?

if you launch dashboard again, what happens?

Drobo would go into a “Too Many Drives Removed” scenario if:

  • You removed drives and did not insert all the drives back into Drobo
  • If Drobo was in data protection and you had a drive fail ( Gen 2’s do not have dual disk redundancy )

Also, please do not hot add the drives into Drobo. Doing this could result in data loss as it prompts a reformat.

Your entitlement indicates this is a Gen 2. If you have no backup I would recommend you block level clone all your drives. If you are not comfortable doing this you can take to recovery house.