Drobo rebuild

I am doing my first rebuild on one of my two drobos, the start of an expansion programme.

I pulled the first 1tb disk yesterday and slotted in a new 3tb disk, the lights gave the correct orange/green and I left it be.

Is it better to eject the drives from the mac when doing this?

Can I sleep the mac when doing this?

Just wondering as I am going to need to two rebuilds on Both units and want to get it right.

if you shutdown your mac FIRST - then you can simply unplug the USB cable

essentially the rules are the same whether you are rebuilding or not

the drobo will rebuild faster if it is not being used - but just being plugged in does not qualify as use

Great, thanks for that, 10 hours to go on the first rebuild.

It was a toss up between a staged rebuil expansion or flatten and copy the data back from the second drobo.

I figured it best to test the ability of the unit in an emergency situation this will also test my disks as well, all the data is mirrored on my second drobo.