Drobo rebuild time

I have a drobo S with 2 3tb drives, 1 1.5 TB, and 1 2TB drive. I had to pull a second 1.5 TB drive to use in a system with a failed drive. The Drobo Dashboard is telling me the Data Protection rebuild time is over 48 hours. 48 hours? That is really a long time. What happens if there is some sort of issue in the next two days, like a system boot, or power hit.
Anyone have a faster rebuild time?

Rebuild time is directly related to how much data was on the Drobo (% used) when the rebuild began and how much will be free when the rebuild completes.

Are you saying you pulled a drive but are not going to replace it?

The general rule of thumb for rebuild time is about 1 day per TB of data, though this is usually a bit faster on the Drobo S and larger models. Disk spin speed and the number of files can also affect the rebuild time. If there is a power outage during rebuild, the unit usually picks up where it left off once power is restored as long as there have been no disk failures. Please note that power outages can cause file system corruption on the volume, preventing the OS from mounting it.

jasleinstein, I have much faster rebuild times. Just know that the initial relayout time will get adjusted as you let the rebuild happen.
I have recorded my experiences with the DroboS here: http://www.drobospace.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=2247&pid=21058#pid21058
I have seen rebuild of 4.9TB in 10-12 hours, when in Single Disk Redundancy mode.

thanks for the replies all. Yes I pulled the drive and will not replace it with a 1.5TB, I have two mercury elite 4 drive arrays and one of those drives died (actually it is the third 1.5 TB drive to fail in five months. I bought 8 of them about four years ago. This tells me more drives are going to fail soon) so I am debating which drive to buy to put back in the drobo. With the drive shortage prices are to remain high until March or April I hear. I’d buy a 3TB but the 4TB see close to shipping in volume to drive the price down I hope.
I shoot high definition video and am just getting this new system ramped up. I could easily see the drobo with four or five 3TB or 4TB drives. If I had a failure I could only imagine the rebuild time. Using Sky’s info if I had 9 or 10 TB of data on the array it might take 9 or 10 days to rebuild? yikes. I assume if I have two drive redundency I could keep the system in production running as it is rebuilding? but that sounds dangerous to me. Could the system withstand a second hard drive fault while it was rebuilding?
The drobo is a pretty cool device. Of course for Mac users a Thunderbolt interface would be magic assuming the buss could deliver data at a much higher speed and somehow improve rebuild times after failures.

thanks everyone for your help.
I am waiting for the new Mac Pro systems to ship. Making all kinds of assumptions of what the new M.P.s will be like moving to raid on that platform might be better for me. Before when I used software raid the M.P. would rebuild a 4.5TB array in less than a day.

[quote=“jasleinstein, post:5, topic:7639”]
With the drive shortage prices are to remain high until March or April I hear. I’d buy a 3TB but the 4TB see close to shipping in volume to drive the price down I hope.[/quote]

I wouldn’t bet on it. Most estimates I’ve seen say production won’t be fully back to normal (and prices with that) until the end of the year. That said, 2TB drives are approaching something sane - $130 at NewEgg. Sure, it’s not the $70 we’d been used to last year, but it’s better than the $200 they were around Christmas.

The Drobo itself is the bottleneck, not the interface. The best I’ve seen from anyone is about half a gigabit (roughly 60MB/sec), so a faster bus wouldn’t do anything for it. It’s a very underpowered box compared to its competition.

When you’re not limited by a 400Mhz ARM and 128MB of memory (going on my own limited memory there) then yeah, you can do a lot more. :slight_smile:


I agree I was using the term bus as the general interface to the drive array. I checked with contacts at a couple large systems vendors and they are scrambling for drives and expect the shortage to last at least thru summer.
knowing I have old drives, the Mercury Elite QX2’s have twice not detected a failed drive, and seeing the performance of the drobo at 60MB to 70Mb per sec, and not sure if or when Apple is going to release a new Mac Pro I polled several folks who are using the new Promise Pegasus R4 and R6 raid controllers. Because of Thunderbolt and they have a hefty cpu and memory onboard these systems scream. These are real raid,with enterprise quality management software. With today’s drive prices, these guys are costly, but I have a huge photo and media library I can’t afford to screw up.
The Drobo because of its flexibility can become the backup server, ill use the other arrays as archive and offsite copies.

This may be too late for my advice, but no way would I pull out a drive in my SR drobo to replace a failed one from an array. What you are doing is going from one near-catastrophic array to two near-catastrophic arrays. Not good.

If you have 8 drives of the same type in those arrays then you should have at least a single matched spare drive with matching firmware as well. If you don’t have a matched spare, get one now. No reason to put your drobo data at risk.

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