Drobo Rebooting after adding 2TB drive

Hi there, Just to follow on from my other thread I wanted to highlight this incase anyone comes across it and my experience can help them. The four slots on my Drobo are filled like this:

1TB Samsung
1TB Samsung
1TB WD Green
1TB WD Green

I swapped out the 2nd Samsung drive for a 2TB WD Green drive this morning. The relayout began and everything was fine. I was copying files to it and streaming media wirelessly for the next few hours although I did notice the media drive remount itself every now and again and the drobo emailing me about its status which I took to mean the Drobo had rebooted by itself once or twice.

On closer inspection just now, it seems that whenever I try and read data from the Drobo while its doing the relayout. Finder freezes and the Drobo reboots - all red lights then power cycles by itself - at which point it comes back up, remounts and continues the relayout until I cause it to reboot by trying to access data on it again.

I did follow the ‘what to do if your Drobo is rebooting’ article on the knowledge base which involved"
Double checking the power supply.
Powering down the Drobo.
Pulling out all the drives
Powering it back up:
Setting it to standby using the dashboard
Pulling the power & putting all the drives back (in the same order)
Powering back on - But the problem remained

I’m going to leave it to complete the relayout (15hrs eta) and presume that will fix things as it was rock solid until I replaced the drive earlier today. But obviously its a little worrying as I would expect to be able to access my data while this happens. I could for the first few hours no problem. Maybe Drobo has found an issue with one of the drives and is especially sensitive at the moment?

I hope the new 2TB drive is ok and isn’t going to cause problems. I have another 2TB WD Green drive to replace the other Samsung tomorrow so I may yet have to go through this all again.

FYI. I am running the following:
Drobo Dashboard: 1.5.1 [1.5.19930]
Drobo (v2) Firmware: 1.3.3 [1.250.19855]
Droboshare Firmware: 1.1.2 [51.14990]
The Drobo is connected via GigiBit Droboshare/ ethernet to a 500GB Time Capsule and accessed over an N wireless network with a late 2008 Unibody Macbook Pro running 10.5.8

Update: I’ve found that if I connect the Drobo directly (firewire 800) I can access the data on it. Though no matter how hard I try to put the Drobo into Standy it won’t do anything other then continue to relayout the data. If I try accessing it through the Droboshare it reboots again.

I’m hoping the issue goes away once the data is relayed out and my droboshare will work correctly again.

I’d appreciate an update. I’m about to swap out a 1TB for a 1.5TB HDD soon.

Update 2: As I suspected once the data relayout finished this morning - everything went back to normal.
I have just swapped out my remaining 1TB Samsung drive with the newer 2TB WD Green drive and everything is working as normal. I can access my data fine and I’m beginning to suspect it was just an odd quirk of the Samsung drive. As today swapping out the 1TB for a 2TB is estimating 6hrs to finish relaying out the data whereas yesterday the same process took about 22hrs, almost 4 times as long.

abhijeet, you shouldn’t have any problem. Let us know how you get on.

Thanks for the update. My drobo is currently 91% full, so I expect several hours of data relaying as well. I will post an update on my experience once I’m done.

Having just done 1 relayout and started another, I’m finding that my 90% full unit took 4 days to relayout the first time, and it’s looking like 3 the second time.

4x1TB WD green -> 2x 1.5TB WD green + 2x1TB WD green

It’s a Drobo v1, so it’s got the slower proc…

Cool. mine was about 48% full which would be around 1.3GB I can imagine it will take a while to relay 90% but once its all done you’ll get a warm fuzzy feeling when you see all green lights again :slight_smile:

Mine was at 42% full and I just put a WD 2TB Green drive in. It’s been flashing DATA PROTECTION IN PROGRESS for 36 hours now and still shows approx 15 hours remaining. That ETA keeps changing - at one point 150 hours, then 50, then 22, then 14, then 15 , then 22, then 19…you get the idea.

Now I’m back to 33 hours…

It will get there :slight_smile: What make are they other drives in your drobo? Curiously, I found the relayout to be much faster once they were all the same brand, Western Digital, unless it was just a co-incidence.

All my drives are WD. I’m at 53 hours and time remaining is still fluctuating greatly. I only have about 1.4TB stored out there. I swapped a 750GB for a 2TB.

I swapped out my Samsung 1TB for a 1.5TB HDD. Like mentioned, the original setup of 4x1TB was 91% full.

The drobo keeps giving me fluctuating numbers on the remaining time - 42, 45, 52, 47, 42… I guess it’s going to take 2-3 days… and then I have to swap out the second drive as well sigh Should I expect another 2-3 cycle for that as well?

Upgrading to 2TB will be even more painful.

My Drobo was up to about 41% full, but I got a good deal on a couple of 2TB drives. I swapped one out and it has been flashing “Data Protection In Progress” for a week now. It still shows 27 hours remaining. I still have two more drives to swap out, if each one takes a week this is going to be a very long upgrade process.

Do you have a 1st Gen or 2nd Gen drobo?