Drobo Real World Transfer Speeds

I often see questions from people asking if their Drobo is too slow, and I was thinking that maybe people don’t really know, because there isn’t a readily available source actual users real world speeds. Oh yes, you can do a search through the forums and get lost there. Or you can google and find the top results where people talk trash about the Drobo units.
What I propose is a thread to be used the next time you do a large data write/read operation, you can share the details. If they contain to this thread, it could turn into a useful resource. You don’t have to update now, but whenever the next instance occurs.
I think it would be valuable to identify :
-Source Internal/External and connection type
-Target Internal/External and connection type
I’ll start.

  1. WRITE: 27.5 MB/s
    External 1.5TB 7200rpm USB -> DroboSv1 ESATA

Please let us know what your Drobo version is and the connection in use. Maybe in the Title?[hr]

In my sig are speeds for my 5D and my Drobo v2 that were averaged copying an iTunes Library, iPhoto Library and a 1TB directory of .mkv files.

mgriffin34, thanks for adding that.
I do know that some users have info like that in their sigs. Hopefully, getting them collected in this thread would be useful.

-Copying 2TB DVD collection
External 3TB 5900rpm USB -> DroboSv1 ESATA

heres a reply from me with sig info :slight_smile:
ok sure yoyoma here you go:

WRITE: 13.2 MB/s
XP -> Drobo Gen1
WRITE: 16.7 MB/s
XP -> Drobo Gen2 (yellow capacity)


WRITE: 47-96MB
Win7 -> Drobo-S Gen2

Paul, thanks. Note that when I make a reply, your signature is not included. It would help if you could put it more like the following:

WRITE: 13.2MB/s
source-> Drobov1

I’ve seen sustained throughput to my Drobo 5N of over 80MB/sec and peak performance over 100MB/sec under reasonably ideal conditions - copying to/from an SSD over Cat6 gigabit ethernet, and both the 5N and the host on the same switch. However, that was without jumbo frames or an SSD - so it could get even faster.

However, the fact that I’m already exceeding 100MB/sec (and yes, those units are correct :slight_smile: ) without jumbo frames is why I’ve never put much stock in such tweaks being worthwhile.

that’s quite good diamond :slight_smile:
(i’ll update my earlier post to include some drobo v2 stats)

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Hi All.
New to Drobo, As of yesterday.

I have the 5N with 3 - 3TB Barracudas (all brand new)
(I have raised an official ticket for this one but wanted to get involved with you ‘speed-demons’)

I downloaded the Black magic speed tool - (Q1 : is this what everyone is using to measure the read write speeds)?

I get 3MB read and 3MB write speeds A LONG way from Diamondsw 80 - 100MB (im a little jealous)

When I connect via the supplied Ethernet cable I get about 60-80MB.

the router I am using is:


Can anyone give some recommendations im a little lost


Sounds like you have a bad cable. Use the supplied one, or just a different cable.