Drobo read performance dismal

I have a first gen Drobo with 1.3.6 on it hooked up by USB to a G5 iMac. I am currently experiencing dismal read performance while trying to rsync data from Drobo to another drive. I know it’s not the other drive because I have tested it by moving data around from the Mac’s internal HD.

I have also rebooted the Drobo and tried a different USB port with no luck. I even tried it hooked up to my MacBook Pro, again, same performance issues.

I updated to 1.3.6 a couple of months ago and it was performing much better than this perviously.

At the moment I am lucky to see 3MB/s and this is READ performance!

Can someone help?

Have you run repair disk on your volume(s)?

Hi Jennifer, I haven’t. I’m trying that right now! :slight_smile:

We recommend running repair disk or disk warrior at least once a month to ensure the integrity of your data.

Hi, okay, so I just ran Repair Disk against the volume and it came back okay. Once the volume was mounted again, I tried copying data from it and the problem persists.

Have you tried a different usb cable or different computer?

If you are still under warranty, please open a support case.

Yes, tried my MacBook Pro. Same issue. Haven’t tried a different, cable but will do that now. I doubt I have support though, I was an early adopter![hr]

Okay, changed the cable, sadly the situation is the same. What other diagnostics can I carry out?