Drobo randomly spins up


I noticed my Drobo randomly start to spin up, or better: the ventilation starts working, even though my Mac is asleep. But the drobo doesn’t boot, the LEDs don’t light up, I can only hear the drobo’s ventilation working. I don’t know why, it’s on random situations…

My drobo is connected with FireWire, I dont know whether someone know what could be the problem…?

Do the drives definitely spin up?

I think even standby - the temperature controlled fan will work if it get too hot

hmm, I don’t know exactly, but for sure, I hear the fans spinning. But why would the temperature suddenly got too hot? There’s no activity to and from the drobo since my mac is asleep…

Even if there’s no activity, the drive and Drobo electronics still produce heat, and eventually the heat can build up.