Drobo problems

Well I’m new to this gadget. I just got the gadget the other day, and I have upg. with the latest Firmware for the Drobo and the Droboshare. I have fixed IP on the droboshare and I can ping it.
And now that I tried to install the apps for streaming, ftp, drobo admin etc. it wont show me any apps or what ever I’m supposed to look for?
And also I can’t access setup and other things on the Drobodash. I can’t start the apps?
I have DL’ed the apps into the Droboapps.
The tools are not accessable at all .
What am I doing wrong?

Did you enable DroboApps in the Dashboard? In my experience, that is the only thing that gets in the way of the apps just working.

Yes I have,- because then it makes the Droboapps dir.
But now my dashboard is locked up I can’t access anything at all now even though the apps are in the dir but nothing is up and running???
Tools and Show me how… windows are not accessable anymore.
Is there anyother way of rebooting besides pulling out one disk?
I have installed 2x1,5 TB WD

Have you rebooted your drobo or your computer?

I rebooted the computer and that helped, Thx.
But how do I get access to the programs I have copied/installed in droboapps?
Where do I find them and how do I set them up?
I might have missed something here.
I have FTP

I’m moving this thread to the DroboApps thread since this is requesting help with droboapps.

Have you gone to the websites for the different apps?

Also, have you rebooted the droboshare?

Yes I have DL’ed the diff apps and copied them to the apps dir.
But how do I reboot the droboshare?
I don’t see any reboot option for the droboshare on the dashboard, so I’m not sure how you reboot it.
I’m wee bit uncertain what to do here.
Been going through the manual to find a clue how to do it, but I don’t see it anywhere telling me how to reboot

Once you get droboappsadmin installed it will give you a link to reboot. The first time though you can unplug your droboshare for a moment and then plug it back in.