Drobo Pro with dead power supply - how to move drives

My DroboPro has a dead power supply. Seems that Drobo doesn’t sell them instead wanting me to sacrifice all my data (most of which is not backed up) and buy a new Drobo with which my current hard drive array will not be compatible. So I’m considering buying a used DroboPro from EBAY and I want to make sure before I do that I can remove the drives from the dead unit and put them in the not-dead unit. The alternative is transplant surgery - removing the power supply from the not-dead unit and putting it into the dead one.
The instructions in the knowledgebase article say that both units must be working before moving the drives, but the dead unit is not powering on, so no, it’s not working.
Anyone had any experience with this?
How difficult is the transplant of power supplies, since that would seem to be the safer option?

hi karelles,
when my drobo-s-gen2 had a faulty power toggle switch, i was able to follow the migration process via the link below:

(technically i was carrying out a diskpack migration via the process above, from my original model into a compatible replacement mode, though essentially the original drobo was not working, only the new one, but i was still able to follow as much as i could, and in the end was able to access all my data again.)

  • a key aspect also being that diskpack drives should only be removed, or inserted, in their entirety and only when power is all Off and cables unplugged.

am not sure about how to go about transplanting an internal psu from 1 drobopro into another one, but aside from making clones of each drive before trying anything (which can be a bit risky if not done correctly each time), trying the migration
could also avoid another risk of maybe short-circuiting the good psu, or damaging the good drobo pro while trying to extract it, or also when trying to put it into the problematic original.

another thing you could do could be to try creating a 1 time ticket with the support team, which is a bit like a pay-per-incident, if you would wish, which could help to firm up things about the migration process for you. (here is a link with some more info in case it helps)