Drobo Pro - Verizon FiOS VPN Setup?

Hello Everyone,

I started a company with 2 partners about a year ago and we invested in to a Drobo Pro months ago but I was unable to get the appropriate setup that I was looking for working.

Currently I am running on a Windows Vista Ultimate 64 Bit PC
Drobo Pro 2TB HDD
Verizon FiOS 35mbps Download / 35mbps Upload

I posted on the FiOS forums: http://forums.verizon.com/t5/FiOS-Internet/Setup-Drobo-Pro-on-FiOS-with-VPN/m-p/114217;jsessionid=DC5A3A434E53CD06C0CB4EAB281D84C2

But wasn’t really able to get what I was looking for. I want to be able to setup the Drobo for my other 2 partners to be able to connect to it and save / access data on it. Could anyone walk me through on how to do this and let me know if I need any other equipment. Thank you for your help in advance!

The first layer is to set up your VPN, so your partners can access systems on your network.

The second part is to ensure the VPN routes iSCSI traffic correctly.

I have routers that use PPTP tunnels to join the main network, then machines from all the networks can see the machines at the other locations. My setup is likely overcomplicated. I’d look for a simple-to-manage (dedicated) hardware VPN solution, unless your partners are only going to access your Drobo intermittently.

I defer to other more network-savvy members for VPN recommendations.

@dalbeck, I think you got your answer in the Verizon forums. The Drobo Pro needs to be attached to one machine (via iSCSI, USB, FW800) and then that machine needs to share the volume via Windows file sharing for others on your network (or via your VPN) to access. You would not access the Drobo Pro directly across the VPN, or from anywhere except the one designated machine.

All you need is a VPN solution that works with Windows, and a quick Google should turn up lots of those (I’m on Macs so I can’t help directly).