Drobo Pro Speed

Hi -
What speeds should I expect from a droboPro?
read and write

30-50MB for both is what i would count as typical sustained (assuming that they are large files and there is no other access)

30 to 50 is just way to slow. Shouldn’t it be at least 80mb?

based on what?

I’m basing my figure on 18 months of owning and using a drobopro

That is pretty accurate I just tested my 1 year old DroboPro with no activity and it was getting 32.3 MB/s Write and 55.4 MB/s Read over FW800.

oh i am not debating your figure, i am just saying that it should be faster than that. I am a bit disappointed in the performance. I think it should be at least 80mbs.
I know this is not raid 5, but comparing it to my raid 5 it’s about 50% slower. My raid 5 is about 88% full and is doing 92mbs.
When it was at 50% it was doing about 115mbs.[hr]
my drobo pro is doing 38 read, 25 write over ISCSI

I average around 80MB/sec with my Pro connected with iSCSI.