Drobo Pro Scan and Fix

Good day

I have a Drobo Pro NAS device, running the latest software and firmware version 2.5.3 and is connected to a Windows 2008 R2 Server.

After restarting the Drobo Pro it pops up with the scan and fix option. When selecting the scan and fix option it says that it needs to force unmount the Drobo to complete the scan. There is no option to unmount the Drobo on the dashboard, only restart and shutdown, the shutdown option also gives a ‘operation failed’ error. 2 nights ago it went into protection mode and only alerted me that the drives are ok afterwards. There are lots of ‘disk’ and ‘ntfs’ errors in the event viewer.

How do i unmount the Drobo safely? How should i connect it so that it can be scanned and fixed? How long will it take to scan 3 TB of data across a mirrored 16 TB capacity? Will the scan show me what files are being deleted so that i can get another copy to replace it?


i think you can run CHKDSK on the Drobo drive