Drobo Pro - not Happy

Drobo Pro power up no lights on Disk bays 8 blue lights on the Side, I cant see on USB at this stage

I have removed all disk when powered off and i can see the Drobo Unit then VIA USB, I have powered down the unit and poped the disks back in place and still same issue

I have removed the Disk from Bay 7 and unit powers up and I see in Drobo Dashboard but It shows no volumes, It see 7 x 2TB disks and ll lights are SOLID RED

Is there any way to get this data back?

If you have 2 spare HDDs on hand …

Power down and removal the cables.
Remove your HDD array and ensure you have them marked in sequence
Reconnect and start you DroboPro and confirm connection via the Dashboard
Insert both spare HDDs and let your DroboPro initiate them
Confirm you can access the new volume
Power down and removal the cables.
Remove the 2x HDDs
Insert your original HDD array
Reconnect and restart.

Good Luck.

P.S. Assuming you gain control, make an external backup of your data should it happen again.

HI Twin!

I took out all drives and popped in 2 x 250gigs and it saw these! put back in the 8 and it showed up disk 8 as failed, I removed this and it started re building!!

all data is there

thanks so Much really appreciate the tip!

Great to hear that your DroboPro is back and all your data is readable and recoverable.
Remember to make that external backup.

its going to tape as we speak !!! I have it on other Buffalo TeraStations also!!

Thank again