Drobo Pro no longer talks over Firewire

Hi All,

I had a power glitch here today and even though I’ve got my Drobo Pro and the server it is connected to on a UPS (which is getting replaced tomorrow because it is obviously a piece of rubbish) the Drobo Pro lost power although the linux box it is connected was fine. Once I got it all back up and running again the Drobo Pro no longer seems to communicate over firewire. I’ve tried plugging it into another machine with the same result :frowning:
It will still work via USB and iSCSI, and I was running it under iSCSI for much of today but found it was causing problems, so I’ve dropped back to USB :frowning:

On top of that it is currently running 1.1.5 firmware, and when I try to update to the latest (1.2.1) it says it is doing it, but when I tell it to reboot the Drobo Pro it seems to go to sleep. The drives spin down and the power light goes yellow. When I boot it up again, the dasboard says the Drobo Pro is still running the old firmware :frowning:

Is there anything I can do to get the firewire working again, and also get the latest version of the firmware.



Which version of the Drobo Dashboard you are running?
The older versions prior to 1.6.8 had issues w/ firmware upgrade. Pls upgrade ur dashboard b/f doing the update check.

I’m running 1.7.3. I have tried updating the firmware from two different machines with no luck.

Have u tried the manual upgrade method? I remember w/ the newer firmwares for the Pro & Elite, I almost always had to use manual method to get the latest & greatest firmware to upload. Also, we use only iSCSI for all our Pro & Elite units.

I’m going to try using the linux tools to update the firmware the next time I get a chance to perform updates. The unit is in almost constant use, so it is difficult to get time to perform the upgrades. I may even try the windows version if the linux tools fail.
As to manual upgrade method, I’ve not tried it.

What server OS are you using for iSCSI. I am running Linux and found iSCSI to be unreliable. It works for a while, but starts to drop out. It seems that reads of large files stall, and seeking through them is even worse!