Drobo Pro Lost drive letter

Back again .

A few weeks ago I was adding a local sata drive to my system and inadvertently told disk manager to import my iscsi attached drobo pro and not the drive I was actually adding .

Since then I cannot access my drobo pro as it has no drive letter assigned .

Drobo dashboard reports all green tabs most blue lights and that the drive pack is healthy has 14.47 TB of used space but the volume tab states that the drive is unformatted with ( - ) used .

I’ve had this issue once before and it took me a month to recover some of the data but its been 3 years since then and I was wondering if anyone has found a short cut to fixing a simple mistake .

Thanks in advance


hi fabio, does this mean that your drobo pro is actually available (but using a different driver than the one you usually use?) if so, maybe you can unmount it via dashboard (to shut it down) and to then fully restart the computer, and drobo, and to see if it comes back upon reboot?

Disk manager reports that the drive is unformatted and I could add it as a basics disk or as a dynamic disk . I have been too afraid to to click on anything to see were my data goes but I could re created it with a fresh set of drives in future for next tile :slight_smile:

I think the issue is with disk manager as its lost the drobo pros file structure you know when you loose or reconfigure for a software raid 5 rather than a hardware raid 5 and it loose the config when you reinstall if you forget to save the config to a separate file .

oh well hope this works its got a copy of most of my pics and mp3’s that I had on the drobo v1 .

if you had not selected the drobopro by mistake, can i check what does “import” actually do or is supposed to do?
is it a destructive process normally, such as reformatting all volumes into its own structure, or does it actually simply add the contents of each volume somewhere else?