Drobo Pro FS IP static problem

Hi all,

I have an ongoing problem with our drobo pro FS, that hosted by mac pro 2015, updated OS X 10.0.5, and the latest version of Drobo Dashboard and it connected to our network through our simple switch (5 ports, unmanaged), this problem has been running for around 5 months.

The drobo pro FS connected with static IP in our network, initially it was hosted by older Mac with OS snow leopard the version I think it was 6 something like that. With our old Mac OS that constantly failing ( always needs a hard reboot), we decided to moved it to Mac Pro.

But another problem popped-out.
Drobo always not showing up after mac pro restarted (we always shut down at the end of the business hour).
What I already did so far:

  • Connect drobo Ethernet to different port, still won’t start after Mac restarted
  • Connect drobo Ethernet to wall still won’t show up
  • Check the firewall settings in network settings - ddservice already allowed for connection.

Does anyone experience the same problem that what I am having now? Please help with this kind of issue.

Thank you.