Drobo Pro disconnects while copying

I was copying files from my Drobo Pro to an other hdd, when suddenly the connection stopped.
Drobo is still on.
Also the Drobo Icon disappeared from the desktop.
Using Mac 3.1, OSX 10.9.5
Recently I noticed, when I boot up my Mac, sometimes I need to restart the computer again.
I wonder if the cable could break of a sudden?
I am using the iSCSI connection.
If it could be the cable, I know, the cable has to be a certain type of LAN.
Never had an experience like that.

Anybody encountered a problem like that?

hi, there have been cases in the past where a connection cable has had problems which affected the connection partially or completely and those were fixed with a new cable, so its probably worth a try.

you could try to repeat the process (to that same hard drive destination, and to a different destination - just in case the destination drive was having some issues itself, which caused the operating system to drop the connection? (for example windows explorer can suddenly drop or close a window)