Drobo Pro Data Migration Path to 5D


I have an old Drobo Pro 8 bay. I would like to buy a 5D. I understand I can not transfer my drives to the 5D. That said, is there a way to directly copy the data from the Pro to the 5D? How do I do this? Can they be physically connected together and the files copied or is it more complicated than that.

The majority of my dat is stored in the Amazon Cloud. Would it be best to just copy or restore from there to the 5D? I just fear this would take a very long time.

Really need some help here. Thanking you in advance.



There aren’t a lot of active people on this forum. Since your post was made over a month ago, I’m guessing that you could have spent the time to back up from Amazon by now.

The easiest thing to do would be to slap some drives into the 5D, hook both of them up to the same computer using USB, and then just transfer your data. Barring that (like for example, if you wanted to reuse some of your drives in the 5D), then using a data store like Amazon as the intermediary is the only way to go.