Drobo Pro and Retrospect 8

Can somebody advise wether Retrospect 8 for Mac is compatible with Drobo Pro?
I can’t seem to get it it to work.
It sees the drive fine but when i attempt to back up to it, it scans the source drive [lacie 5big NAS] and when the scan is complete it doesn’t start the transfer to the drobo pro saying it needs media when it has already been set up as the destination.
I am attempting to transfer/back up my 6TB[!] iTunes library, 190,000 AIFF files.
Err…help if possible.
Very frustrating!
Flying Ed.

Had same problem. Am currently looking at this Retrospect Forum thread in ref: to issue named above.



Could it be that Retrospect is seeing too much free space on the device?

This guy seems to have Retrospect running, but he ran into an issue where Retrospect went rampant due to Thin Provisioning.

So… ALWAYS make sure you still have free space. This is likely why Drobo severely slows down transfers when it gets 95% full, but it doesn’t completely stop them so if you let it go long enough, you’ll still be the up the creek. Then again, it’s no different from constantly ignoring any kind of warning until it’s too late.