Drobo Pro 3TB support pushed back 3 months!

When I checked this last week, Drobo Pro was supposed to be updated in February. Now it says May: http://support.datarobotics.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/506

Does this negatively affect anyone else or is it just me?

Better shipping a less buggy & tested firmware and Dashboard than using us and our data as guinea pigs!
Besides, the price of the 3TB drives are stil hi. We can wait another 2-3 months but we have started to configure half-poupulated DroboPro/Elite instead of all 8-bay w/ 2TB now.
May I know why the delay will adversely affect you?

I doubt it is because of buggy code. It is already working in drobopro fs. I think it is because they are prioritizing new customers over existing ones. It wouldn’t really have been a problem if they hadn’t originally said feb. I have already purchased my 3tb drives waiting to replace my 2tb ones and have need of the extra space. I would have made other arrangements if they just said may from the get go. Nothing I can do but wait now. Just hoping there are others like me and we can help sway them to go back to prioritizing the faithful existing drobopro droboelite customers over the new box customers

I wasn’t planning on buying any 3TB drives anyway until cost per TB gets competitive with 2TB drives, but the delay is silly.

I have been checking the download site for a week checking for its arrival. I have installed 16 3TB WD drives in my DroboproFS units and my Drobopro is now down to 397GB free. This is a blow and represents pretty shoddy customer service. They always maintained that it would be a simple firmware fix to allow 3TB drives.


Very bad support from Data Robotics.

You can tell Drobo and DroboPro are low priority. Pushing it back 3 months so you can work on the new devices shows a real lack of interest in supporting the existing customers.

This is an example why I find it hard to recommend Drobo anymore. The 3TB drives have been out for months and they still are not supported. And 64-Bit support on OS X has been a complete failure. Even with Snow Leopard out for 18 months.

It bums me out too, but it’s business.

What does the poor salesguy tell his customer that just spent $3500 on an Elite when they ask why the $400 Drobo is getting 3TB support first?

It’d be nice if they all rolled out together, but it seems the engineering resources may not be available to do that.

i got an alert on the main website page and i noticed main drobo (v1/v2) was pushed out i think to May.

then again, having just recently bought 7 drives of WD15eads for what i thought was a good price (approx £42 each), i wouldnt want to start buying 3TB ones yet.

but yes, the delay and probably reasonings about resources etc is sad but true
(could also be some unforseen hurdles with the way manufacturers might have switched from conventional methods to new improved / advanced formats which probably add a lot more testing and compatibilty/safety precautions/assurances into the mix)[hr]
btw (bit OT) but btw bhiga, how come youve chosen to go for 3x v2 drobos?
i would have thought you’d have gone for a setup, which is… well… b(h)iga? :slight_smile:

@Paul: My expansion was incremental. If I were to do it over, I’d get a larger unit, rather than multiple smaller ones. But it’s easier on the wallet to get multiple add-ons than to buy the big ticket item first.

Yes, I suffer from “Hey, let me add 20 things to this PDA and make it like a laptop” syndrome.