Drobo partition issue

Hello Brand new Drobo user here i got installed fine everything seams to work right.how ever i was wondering if i could get it not to back up so i can use two hard drives as two i really don’t want it to raid back up.any help would be wonderful thank you for your time.

BTW my model is DRO4D-D

Sorry, unlike other RAID Array storage … Drobo does not support JBOD feature which you are looking for.

Also for Drobo all models… it is default to Single Disk Redundancy or Dual Disk Redundancy (to be set by user).

Thank you VERY much for your info don. is there any chance i raid them to get the full space amount (striped) type raid then???

No. Drobo offers single disk redundancy (which is similar to RAID 5) or dual disk redundancy (which is similar to RAID 6), though the internal workings are more complex than that. Have a look at this simple introduction to find out what you’ve just spent rather a lot of money on. Learn how to use it and hopefully that money won’t have been wasted.