Drobo painfully slow

I’ve had my My Drobo V2 (with droboshare) for over a year now and I love it. But my read speeds are 5.5-6.0mb/s and write is 4.6mb/s never any higher.

This seems really really slow and it’s always been this way. I read other people getting 15-20mb/s so I’m wondering if I’m doing something incorrectly?

All my drives are WD green EADS (2 x 1TB, 2x2TB) and the speed is the same whether at 40% full capacity or 80%. Any ideas?

Maybe one of your drives is jumpered to SATA I compatibility.
Shut down your Drobo and pull each drive one at a time to check the jumpers. You can switch a drive to SATA II without causing any problems.

Thanks for the tip. I’ve just been through each drive one by one, but all of them are on SATA II mode so it’s not that.

Are my transfer speeds unusual? Or am I expecting too much?

As I recall, your performance is typical - with a Droboshare. There is a reason the Droboshare was discontinued. If your stated throughput is via Droboshare, try direct connecting the Drobo for a throughput test.

If your stated performance is direct connected then you need to get support from DRI. They can look at your logs to see if one of the drives is not playing well with the Drobo (this happened to me, although my case was more extreme).