drobo or drobo fs

I am new to drobo and very interested in the ease and getting away from the RAID restrictions. I have a few questions that may be a bit complex.

I will have a Windows Home Server (2011 when it releases) hosting data, only for my MediaCenter to share media to 2-4 xbox’s using the MediaCenter Extender.
I also have 3 Mac’s that I want to use drobo for Time Machine to back up.
Obviously I will be using a lot of bandwidth that I am already setup for. I am looking for a decent redundant solution like drobo that will fullfill my needs.
My questions are, which drobo is best? Some research has shown low throughput on the drobo fs. Is this true? People are claiming ~20Mb and complaining it is too low. I am looking for multiple streams, so that would be too low.
I will have some video at 1080p, will that take too much bandwidth to backup or stream more than 1 device?

I hope to find answers and thank all help. :slight_smile:

I recmommend the hi-end 8-bay DroboPro/DroboElite or the latest B800i (iSCSI) or B800fs (NAS) model.

Sorry, I forgot to mention, cost is a factor, $1000 is absolute high end. wife would love way less.

Then go for the DroboFS. The 4-bay USB2.0 or FW800 is relatively slow!

That’s what I was leaning towards. I’m curious about the data speeds. If anyone with the droboFS could let me know their experiences.

hi im curious about your xbos setup too :slight_smile:
ive got an xbox, and an xbox360 … does the media server do transcoding on the fly to play stuff on the xboxes?

Don’t expect the drobo to do any transcoding. It’s a slow cpu beast. However I have UPNP working just fine on it playing stuff off Xbox and PS3.

The MediaCenter handles everything for transcoding. WHS handles the file storage. I just want the drobo to be the storage location for the WHS to place everything. Since MS has dropped drive extender for the new version, I wanted a better (easier) solution than RAID. I don’t want to be limited to using only the same size drives in the case of a failure and not having a replacement on hand and ready.

ahh thanks railstop…

just as a thought… what if you installed media centre as a program files installation on the drobo?
eg thats where i install all my new games and demos… .and they seem to play back just fine…

that way im sure all your “media” for use with mediacentre would simply be stored on the drobo (which is most probably what i’ll end up doing when i get some free time)… unless i misunderstood something about how mediacentre is installed?[hr]
eg, i would be picturing this as my future setup…

Drobo containing all my stuff (media files)
drobo connected via my usb 2 to the win xp machine
the media centre software installed on c drive (or the drobo itself)
the xboxes accessing the media stuff, by way of the pc - - - -what have i missed? :smiley:

Since WHS 2011 doesn’t have the DEMigrator intermittent slow-down that WHSv1 experiences, then using the FS as a data store for WHS should work, as long as whatever add-ins you’re using supports pointing to the FS as a data source, rather than a WHS-local source.

If your WHS machine is on 24/7 anyway, I’d go direct-attached and serve the Drobo-stored content through the WHS machine. Fewer layers of complexity.

hi Biga, by direct attached it that the same as usb-2 for example from drobo to pc (or does it need an actual network ethernet connector)?

EDIT: (thanks bhiga)

Yes, by direct-attach I mean USB, Firewire, eSATA or iSCSI (logically it’s treated the same) on any of the Drobos except for FS and Pro FS.

I thought about using the direct attach, But i will also be using the it for my 3 MacBooks to Time Machine to it. So the FS would make this possible

If you’re running WHS 2011 (Vail), I read it’s supposed to support Time Machine backups too.

Either method will work, I just think you’ll get better throughput from a WHS 2011 with Drobo S.

I saw that WHS will natively support Time Machine. I have my MCE in my living room, I don’t want another box in my living room making more heat and noise. I have a full server rack in the basement that I want to place the drobo in. The drobo S looks nice, but way to close to the outer edge of the budget for this project.