Drobo only shows 4 red lights after 1 disk replacement

I am new to the forum but I am an Original 1st Gen Drobo Owner. I have been running 3- 1TB disks with a 500GB disk and as it eventually warned for low disk space I decided to upgrade the 500GB to a 4TB disk. When I received the 4TB disk I swapped it out but only to see that the 4TB disk was DOA. Frustrated that I had to send it back to refund and get a replacement, in the mean time I put the 500GB back in its place and that is when the Drobo does not recognize any of them now. All 4 disks are Red. I am here asking for any help on getting this resolved so that I can some how get my information off of the Drobo. Is there anything or anybody that can be done to save this?

Thank you in advance.

hi mr mouse,
i think the main issue is that the gen 1 can not work with 4tb drives for example near the bottom of this page:

if you can leave the drobo running as it is, with the original 500gb drive that sounds like you put back in, it may possibly restore itself to how it was.

(im not sure if it would visually start flashing lights to indicate the rebuild, and it might need a reboot to do so, but i would try to leave it for a few days, depending on how much data you had - approximately 1 day per 1tb of data, plus a little bit more to see) - and then if it still was unchanged, to reboot without the usb cable and to see if it triggers a rebuild again.[hr]
also, if you have any screenshots you can take of dashboard, and to post them up to imgur or similar, with links back to them here, that could be useful too. (though please rub out any sensitive or serial numbers before uploading, to play safe)

Thank you Paul for the response. Through a whole lot of trial and error I have gotten the original configuration back up and running. I am waiting for the Drobo to rewrite all of the data back into the 500GB drive because it would just shut down the Drobo. I had to hook the 500GB drive externally and format the drive then put it back into the Drobo to have it work.

Totally a pain but I am glad there is a light at the end of the tunnel now. Thank you again for responding.

ok no problem, please let us know how it goes

Every thing is back up and running. Easy peasy once the bad 500GB drive got formatted and installed. Just have to think about a new NAS system because Gen 1 Drobo is old and does not support 4TB drives. :frowning:

If you get a later direct-attach Drobo you can just swap your disk pack into it, and take advantage of more speed plus 4TB+ support.

cool am glad you got things all working again mr house :slight_smile:

the gen1 (and gen2, gen3, Drobo-S and newer 5D models standard sized models) are DAS systems, but i have some 1.5TB drives in my gen1 and gen2 and they should be ok for 2tb drives (which when all are updated to 2tb, can actually give quite a boost to usable space)

there are some migration options for going from one Das to another Das, and here is some more info for you:
(though if you definitely needed a Nas going forward such as a 5n, then you might need to copy and paste your data to it, as i dont think any direct migration would be possible)

(it might also be good to make a back up of your data, if possible, as it is always a good practice especially for the most importat data, but am glad its all ok again for you) :)[hr]
ah yes, just saw spineys post, and the gen2 is definitely faster than the gen1, and each successive model is likely to be faster