Drobo only mounts if I switch it on/off...?

Hi all, whenever I reset my IMAC 27’’ and reboot it - my drobo won’t show up. If I then plug out the power and reconnect it to power source it will come up.

Isn’t that strange? What can I do against it?
It is a drobo 3rd generation 4 bay and running Mac OS X 10.11.3. beta

Thanks for your help in advance! K[hr]

hi, can i check how long you have left it for, to see if it shows up on your mac?
(and also did it used to ever show up in that way before?)

when it doesnt show up (to finder) does it show up to dashboard in the meantime?

very large partitions can in some cases take a lot longer to be recognised (or for some windows to boot up), and it might just be something else though was wondering about these points.