Drobo on Network

Is it possible to connect a Drobo 2G to a wireless network. My router allows for a USB hard drive to be connected and I was wondering if I can connect the Drobo to it rather than purchasing a droboshare

Yes, we have excellent results using Cisco/Linksys WRT610N & WRT160NL. I’m sure other wireless routers w/ “Storage link” or similar USB interface will work but still trying to configure out how to get DroboApps working on those units since they are non-supported devices from DRI.

I’ll have to plug it in and see what happens and see what I can do with it.

Or you could just connect the drobo to a Mac or PC on the (wireless) network and access the drobo via the relevant Mac / PC rather than connecting the drobo to a specific network interface ? Also will these network devices allow a 16TB drive attached - or is it limited to 2TB ?

thanks for the reply Chazotta, I currently have the drive attached to a Mac but don’t always have it turned on and use a MacBook Pro aswell. The wireless router is an orange livebox and i don’t know what size drive it will allow, i’ll have to look into it.