Drobo not working after Firmware update

We are using Drobo B810n and today after latest firmware(4.3.1-9.73.117497) installation from Mac dashboard(3.5.2( .Drobo is not working properly and all lights are showing red. Kindly give a solution for this problem.our datas are very important.
Any way to restore the old firmware before updates of drobo B 810n and where can get the old firmwares of drobo B 810n.

I’ve been seeing more and more reports of failed upgrades to firmware 4.3.1 across multiple Drobo devices. Drobo seems to have pulled this firmware from their site, as the link is no longer available on their support pages:

In any case, if you want to try downgrading your firmware, here is the link to firmware 4.3.0:


I hope that can help you!