Drobo not waking from sleep properly.

I’m really sorry if this has been discussed already but I haven’t found an existing thread on this subject.

I have a Drobo S with Dashboard 1.7.3 & firmware 1.3.7
It is connected via firewire 800/400 to OSX 10.6.4

I have had the unit about 6 months and have had a consistent problem with the drobo complaining that I haven’t shut it down properly when my mac wakes from sleep. Typically when the mac wakes up, drobo comes to life with the 4 green leds showing next to the drive bays - thinks about it for a few moments then the green leds turn red with a click and the sound of the drives spinning down and a snotty remark on the screen telling me that I didn’t shut the drive down properly. Then drobo appears to reboot and eventually comes on line.

Whilst I haven’t experienced any actual damage or loss of data I just don’t really have any confidence in drobo and I’m thinking of getting rid of it. Has anyone else experienced this and is there a known solution or do I need redirecting to a thread on this topic.

Many thanks.

That isnt something i have heard of before, and you are right, it doenst sound healthy.

Unless anyone has some immediately obvious troubleshooting - my first suggestion would be to contact support.