Drobo not recognizing drive

About once a week now I am getting red alerts from one of my drobos. when I go to the advanced menu it shows my lower three drives as green and fine. But it shows my top drive as empty (even though there is a new 1.5 TB drive inside of it).

I’m told to add storage that my data is not protected. If I unplug the unit and replug it in and put the exact same drive that is already in there back in, it reads it as a new drive and completely rebuilds my whole unit (after about 3 days).

I wouldn’t mind so much except for that it seems to be doing this about once a week. it’s like the unit won’t recognize the drive even though it is really there. When I reinsert it, it’s like a new drive and works for another week or so.

Any ideas why my unit isn’t recognizing the drive in the top bay after a week or so of use? I’m running the latest firmware and drobo dashboard on a Vista PC. This has happened for about the last 4 weeks straight.

what kind of drive is it and what firmware is it?

send support your log files and they will tell you why the drive is being failed.

Try moving the drives around. Does the issue follow the drive or stay with the bay. We in tech support will ask you that so you may want to try it before opening a support case. If it follows the drive, you know it’s a drive issue. If it stays with the bay, then it’s a drobo issue and we can replace the drobo if it’s still under warranty.

Just to add to that… Power down drobo… THEN re-arrange the drives, then turn it back on!

Sorry, should have said that, assumed it was known.

@thomashawk, maybe there is a mechanical problem with the connector in either the slot or the drive. I recommend you open a support case and send the diagnostic file. This will enable tech support to diagnose what is going on inside of Drobo.