Drobo not mounting Osx 10..5

Hi, Yesterday turned on my Drobo gen 2 and it didn’t mount.

it seems to boot correctly and show all green lights and the data dots. but it just won’t mount.

Disk utility saw it and so did the Drobo dashboard. I have changed the Usb cable and ran the disk utility first aid 4 times (as I saw that somewhere in the support documentation) with no luck.

I also tried to run it through tech tool but it failed the surface scan.

The drives are no older then a year old.

Is this a sign of a dying enclosure?

did you try Disk Warrior?

no, I didn’t I don’t have a copy, although It looks like something worth having in my back pocked for issues I’ll grab a copy and give that a try


thank you that worked. Is this fact that this happened a sign that the hard drives or enclosure is starting to fail?