Drobo not mounting during data protection

hey there, I put ina new drive b/c drobo said one drive was failing - my dashboard is saying 100+ hours before protection is complete - and I see no Drobo in the finder. I REALLY need to access the other files - is there any way to access my Drobo while data is being protected?

hi, can i check if you replaced 1 drive that was flashing red, with another good drive?
if you did, then usually the data protection (rebuild process), can take about 24hours per 1tb of data that you have.

it has been known to vanish from the computers perspective during more complex processes, but it should hopefully return for you in due course. if you can help confirm how much data you have on it and how long ago you started the rebuild, we can try and work out some more info for you

Hey Paul, thanks for your response!
Well, the data protection process finished, but I still can’t see the drobo after restarting, unplugging etc.

Upon restarting my iMac it says there is a disc that is not readable and asks me to “initialize” and then brings up disk utility…

I have thousands of unseen/unedited wedding images on the drobo and CANNOT lose anything…

any ideas would be helpful!

hi, thanks for more info,
ok please do “not” do any initialising or formatting if that message pops up, as that can LOSE data.

If the drive lights are solid green (or mostly green) then usually its a case of running some kind of repair options and ive seen quite a few successes afterwards… but its best to take it slow, and if in any doubt about a popup that pops-up then please do wait and ask here for others to chime in etc to play safe.

There are different repair menthods for different circumstances and models so for now can i please check if dashboard can see the drobo, and just not the mac yet?
if you have any more info about the drive bay lights on the drobo (or same screenshots of dashboard) that will be handy…
(you can upload them to imgur or similar and post a link here if you like, but please rub out your serial number to play safe etc)[hr]
(just linking thread as similar)